Doctor Doubledrop (Alessandro Nurchi) is an italian DJ producer and sound designer born on December 01, 1984.
He's specialised in synthesizer sounds and VSTi patches for Psytrance producers of many styles, from minimal to hitech; in each soundset you can find different presets ready to be use in your project for make melodic psytrance like progressive or full-on, but even aggressive FM sounds for make something stronger like dark, hitech and all the sub-genres (psycore, etc.).

His project is born from the endless love for music and the need to follow this love for the life.
About music he always thought:
music brings people together, warms soul, warms life and brings happiness and good humor,
music is an universal language, does not need any study or attention to be understood,
music is simple, just open your ears and, without doing anything else, drifting into another
dimension where only peace and serenity exist.
So.. what is the better way to give shape to life than starting create music?? :)
From here comes his project.. music for survive.. for his survival
and for the survival of thousands of other people like him that could not imagine a world
without music.
The artist's favorite kind of music are trance and psytrance, but it seems closer to new horizons
"electro" driven by the desire to compare to the best DJs producer in recent times that have
given rise to a new era of electronic music, ever more complex and sophisticated, but remaining at the same time, simple emotion able to vibrate every single neuron
and every single atom, until get to it’s main aim..shaking soul!

Dr. Doubledrop.. Music for survive!!!!