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On line digital mastering - Free test

Special offer! Buy any of our producer tools products and get a 50% discount for one mastering!*

Export yours high quality mixed songs into ".wav" format ,24 bit, 48 kHz sampling rate (44100 hz, 16 bit is also acceptable)

You must not use any dynamic processors ( compressor, limiter, maximizer, saturator) in the master channel of your mixed track. If the mixdown is limited, compressed or saturated we will ask you for a new version of the track. If you’ve added dithering, or other plug-ins designed to “enhance” the sound, please remove them.  Please also make sure that ‘normalisation’ is off when exporting.

In order to properly master your track, we must have a proper mixdown. This means that during the main section of your song the maximun loudness (peak) shoul be max -1 db (preferred if  the peak level is from -6 to -3db). Below there is an example of how the waveform of your track should look:

Please note that many artists want a specific sound on their master.  For this reason, it’s very helpful to also send a reference mastered song that sounds like you want.  Also, adding any relevant notes can help reduce revisions, we will prepare songs according to our best idea and sense.

Sometimes, mastering can highlight elements in your mixdown that were previously missed.  Therefore, once you have received your mastered song, we allow up to 3 revisions with no extra cost.

Contact us for have your free test mastering and for any questions.

*the discount is applied for a minimum purchase of 15€